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Mellieha Village

Mellieha is a village in North West Malta and it is a great place to rent a holiday villa. As villages go, it is a fairly large one with a population of just over 7000, but it's still small enough to feel intimate.

This means that Mellieha has enough bustle and stuff going on to be exciting while still being a great place to go for a relaxing break away from the stresses of modern life.

Renting a holiday villa in Mellieha can be the ideal option for many. Even if you are travelling with a large party, you can be catered for as some of the villas sleep up to 16 people or more.

Reasons to Visit

The village of Mellieha is popular with both locals and foreigners, with lots of people from other countries choosing to move there. It also has a good population of villas, so Mellieha rentals can be relied upon to be of good quality as there is such competition between them.

There is also a fantastic community spirit in the area, which has led to the successful implementation of several sustainability initiatives, making villas in Mellieha a brilliant place to stay if you have an interest in the environment and think it important to consider the environmental impact of your tourism actions.

The area is also considered to be a European Destination of Excellence as a non-traditional tourist destination. It was awarded this prize in 2009 and is still going strong two years later.

History & Culture

It has an exciting history as well, making it an ideal location for anyone who is interested in discovering more about the heritage and culture of the region.

For two hundred years, the area was empty as locals feared attacks from the Saracens and other forces. It was then settled with the encouragement of the British, who persuaded people to move back to the area and it has flourished ever since.

There are several sights that you should definitely check out during your visit and a villa rental would provide the perfect base for you while you're there.

For instance, the Mellieha shelters provide an insight into what happened during the Second World War. If you visit the churches on Our Lady of Grotto Street, you will also find the WW2 shelters nearby, which have recently been reopened so that people can explore them and find out what it was like to hide in them during the war.

Sun and Sand

You should also pay a visit to Mellieha Bay, which is said to be the most popular beach in the whole of Malta – and with good reason, because it is really excellent.

The bay is only a ten or fifteen minute walk from the village and so is easily within walking distance from the vast majority of Mellieha villas.

As well as the usual great bars and restaurants, there is also the opportunity to have a go at some water sports at the bay, making a great place if you want to indulge the daredevil in you.

If you visit Marfa Ridge, you will also find the Red Tower, which was built in 1647 and was used as a lookout post for Maltese knights.

With so many great attractions such as this and so many brilliant villas in Mellieha for you to choose from, it really is the ideal destination for anyone who has ever dreamed of visiting Malta.

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